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Rebuilding and Rebranding

My New World Begins to Takes Shape I want to breathe life into pages far beyond anything I have accomplished to date, telling tales conjured up by my constant noise. No longer will I look to put words down solely to ease my anxieties. Instead, I will write stories because sometimes I smile as my […]

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I Just Want to Tell Stories

I decided to start putting my short stories up for everyone to read at their leisure. So enjoy the random mix of thoughts running through my brain! Let’s start with some already out there. I’ll add more from time to time. If you enjoy them, please consider a donation to NEVER STOP NEVER QUIT. 100% […]

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Recipes to Never Stop… Never Quit…

Here are a few of my favorite creations. More to come… About me:  I have multiple sclerosis I am an athlete, though my activity level waxes and wanes I am 49 years old I have specific needs – some would say unique I love the taste of great food I enjoy cooking, but I do […]

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