Recipes to Never Stop… Never Quit…

Here are a few of my favorite creations. More to come…

About me: 

I have multiple sclerosis

I am an athlete, though my activity level waxes and wanes

I am 49 years old

I have specific needs – some would say unique

I love the taste of great food

I enjoy cooking, but I do not like complex recipes

This is what I eat

These are recipes I use quite often. In my search for balance between calories, nutrients, and taste, I realized there is no balance – everything must meet my target for perfection!

How do I cook?

One word – bulk. Often when I prepare meals, I make 6, 8, or 10+ at a time. Measuring ingredients are easier on a larger scale. I track everything, so slight variances are more forgiving this way, portioning my meals into individual containers to refrigerate/freeze until needed. Cooking once or twice a week is so much better than individually preparing each complete and balanced meal! Cook your recipes in bulk and portion out as needed to meet your meal targets (my meals range from 350-550 cal per).

My recipes are mostly measured by exact weight or volume. Raw ingredients are measured, rather than cooked foods. If I do use packaged products, I will go off the published container information.

When noted, I share my preference for ingredients. Obviously, it is not essential — I am just a creature of habit.

Are you vegan?

No. For this reason, I try my best to avoid the term in my recipes, opting instead for Plant-Based in many of my meal descriptions. Veganism is much more of a lifestyle than simply recipes.

I do eat a highly plant-based diet. The reasons are more health and nutrition-focused, rather than other reasons some may have are not consuming animal products. I do consume meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, etc. – just not as often. One exception I have is my Greek yogurt. I do love my Greek yogurt; I have some almost every single day!

That being said, any of the plant-based focus recipes can easily be changed back to animal-based ingredients. The food does taste different. I will never try to convince someone that plant-based burgers taste the same as hamburgers (they don’t). I like my meal choices for their wonderful individual taste — I recommend trying them at least once as shared before substituting ingredients.

I hope you enjoy these creations as much as I do.

Never Stop… Never Quit…®


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