Rebuilding and Rebranding

My New World Begins to Takes Shape

I want to breathe life into pages far beyond anything I have accomplished to date, telling tales conjured up by my constant noise. No longer will I look to put words down solely to ease my anxieties. Instead, I will write stories because sometimes I smile as my mind floods with the images I create. I may laugh, cry, or even nod my head in approval of the tale. On other occasions, the crafted images chill me to the core. I want to elicit a bounty of reactions as I breathe life into stories, narratives, reflections, and rantings.

What Does This Mean for My Writing?

I have begun the process of removing my published works from distribution. After cleanup and revision, I’ll re-release my titles through these channels:

  • BooksMy MS and E…in abeyanceAnnie Flynn – first row, second desk, and Moments, will republish. Publishing and distribution channels are still in negotiation. 100% of all royalties received will continue to NEVER STOP NEVER QUIT in support of our fight against the damaging effects of multiple sclerosis.
  • Short Stories: the remainder of The Ramblings of a Condemned Man and Triune will publish for free on my blog site, I just want to share.
    If you enjoy the stories, please consider a donation to NEVER STOP NEVER QUIT.

On the Horizon

After these changes, my focus will revert to the stories that flood my mind.

  • My short stories will continue. I have been busy sharing tales over the last few months. I have no plan to slow down.
  • Sensations, my next novel, is tentatively planned for the end of ’22 or early ’23. More to follow.
  • My journey, documented in the raw blog series, “Reconstructing and Defining Kevin,” is currently under revision and will gain new life as a piece I hope will help others as much as it guided me on this journey.
  • I will continue to blog, sharing sometimes-too-much detail on my journey. There is so much in motion now; the days are not nearly long enough.

I choose to focus on what my writing is — what it is for myself and what I hope it brings to the hearts and minds of my readers.

February 2022

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